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Earn an accredited professional degree based solely on your outside-the-classroom learning. Accumulate credits for your work experience / non-academic learning and get your desired degree without having to attend the program.

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If you’ve been in a profession for long but lack the formal academic qualifications essential for career growth, we award you a professional degree in your field of profession, whatever it is.

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We, at work Experience Credits, don't let your years of valuable outside-the-classroom learning go to a waste! Realizing that the learning you have received through your profession or social participation is of more value than what's taught in the classrooms, we have partnered with leading universities of the world to transform your working experience (or any other non-academic learning) into academic credits. What's more amazing is when your work experience credits accumulate, you can earn a professional work experience degree without having to attend the program.

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What Types of Outside-the-Classroom Learning Can be Transformed into Academic Credits?

  • Prior education and certificates or degrees earned.
  • Combat training in the course of duty.
  • Field experience in any occupation.
  • Training programs attended at previous occupations.
  • Workshop certificates of participation.
  • Participation of any kind in commercial or non commercial organization.
  • Service for any NGO or participation in social activities.
  • Publishing of articles or writing of any publishable material.
  • Participation in professional or local sports.

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How to Apply for the Work-Experience Based Degree?

Applying and getting evaluated for our prior learning degrees is an extremely easy and quick 4-step process.


Provide your basic details.
Give us your basic details by filling the quick and simple form in the right panel of this website. It's 100% safe and secure.


We Evaluate Your Application
We get back to you and get details of the learning that you want to earn credits for. Afterwards, we evaluate your credentials.


We Confirm Your Application
Within 24 hours of your application submission, we confirm if your application has been approved for the requested degree.


We Deliver Your Degree
After evaluation and payment confirmation, we deliver your degree to your given mailing address within the next 7 days.

Genuine, Internationally Accredited and Globally Recognized Professional Degrees from Esteemed Institutions!
Receiving a professional degree that's solely based on your work experience and outside-the-classroom learning does NOT mean that there could be some kind of compromise on the quality of your new academic credential. All of the degrees we award to our applicants are 100% genuine and internationally accredited, awarded by some of the leading online higher education institutions. Accredited and recognized by the world's most esteemed higher education recognizing bodies, professionals with our work experience degree become a preferred candidate for top-paying jobs as well as prestigious higher learning programs.When applying for college credit for work experience at Work Experience Credits, rest assured that your work experience degree will be accepted by world's top employers and prospects for your career growth will improve substantially!


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Jeffrey PyresMy MS Degree from Work Experience Credits worked real wonders for my career. I had been into the field of accounting all through my professional life, but the career growth I deserved didn’t happen as I lacked a formal degree in the field. Having a demanding job, limited monthly income and a family to raise, I couldn’t even think of going for a professional degree. But luckily, Work Experience Credits proved to be the perfect solution for me, awarding me an internationally accredited degree for my work experience. I was offered a better job as soon as I received the degree and that’s when my financial situation started to improve. I’m glad I took the decision of getting a degree from Work Experience Credits!

Jeffrey Pyres
MS, Economics

Charles AshI’m working at a leading position in a top multinational company. And I’ve reached to this point solely on the basis of my experience and my expertise in my filed. But deep down inside, I was not totally content with my success as I lacked the formal education my job requires. Frankly speaking, I faced an acute inferiority complex when I saw my juniors having higher professional degrees than I had. But my work responsibilities always stopped me to back to school and earn a professional higher degree that matched my career. So, for personal fulfillment, I chose work Experience Credits and earned my MBA degree with no effort at all. I really appreciate how they have come with a great solution to help professionals like myself.

Charles Ash
MBA, Entrepreneurship
Retail Management

Carol BaileyHaving a family to take care of and a job with so many responsibilities left me very little time or resources to enrich my academic profile. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t manage to get a higher degree which was a major barrier to the career growth I desired and deserved. A friend of mine told me about Work Experience Credits and how the organization was helping professionals like me get a higher degree with zero hassle. It was wonderful to find out how the WEC accepted credits for work and outside-the-classroom learning. I applied and earned my prior-learning based Master’s degree within 10 days. It was soon after getting the degree that I was promoted to a senior position I always wanted to be at.

Carol Bailey
MBA, Entrepreneurship